What’s Poppin’?

I got my new Lyra Pop in this week! I haven’t been on this thing since I was on the Celebrity Equinox. I’m so excited to develop a routine for this, which I’m hoping to debut at the Millibo Art Theater’s production of Circus of the Night next month and in August. For now, I’m just messing around. Stay tuned for some more fun on this baby!



Hammock Rehearsal March 28


– Isn’t my favorite. But as a performer I have to be diversified, so I worked at it this week and found that it’s actually a really fun apparatus! I may have to work some more on this! Here’s my rehearsal reel from the few hours I spent on it this week complete with highlights, which were few and far between, but that’s expected in any rehearsal no matter how experienced in an apparatus we may be. I’ll be posting rehearsal highlights every week or so, just to keep everybody¬†updated on what I’m up to.

Cheers and Happy Flying!