Denver Comic Con 2015

This past weekend I was given the marvelous opportunity to run my own panel at Denver Comic Con, which was an uninstructed Heroic Figure Drawing session featuring my new lyra pop! With emphasis on gesture drawing, i was able to bust out some of my favorite poses on my new apparatus. The first panel was in plain athletic gear so the artists could get a sense of anatomy, and the second session was in costume, where I cosplayed Poison Ivy and it had an emphasis on longer poses, up to ten minutes, so artists could focus on detail and composition. I’ve been figure modeling for six years and this was the most fun I’ve ever had at a session. The audience was super stoked and a talented bunch. I packed the room for both sessions, and volunteer feedback was that this panel was popular and unique. I hope they ask me back next year, ’cause I would do this over and over again!


All photos by Sean Sidelko, copyright 2015.


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What’s Happening: May 1

Here’s my itinerary for the weekend of May 1, 2015

I’m not up to much this weekend, but after having a magical photoshoot with my friend Scott Strohmeier, who is a marvelous talent, yesterday, what’s next is a performance on lyra as well as aerial bar tending at The Mansion on Tejon st. in Colorado Springs with Aerial Dream Works! I’ll be up around 11pm, catch me if you’re nearby!

Happy Flying!